Fisher Price – Fun 2 Learn – Computer Cool School (2008)

This toy was sold for kids aged 3 and older in preschool get ready for elementary school. The product was released in 2008 but discontinued in 2011.
The toy features a full keyboard with program shortcuts, writing tablet, and wired stylus pen.
The drawing pen is used as a mouse to select things on screen, but also for drawing and writing.

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General Electric Show’N Tell Picturesound Program (1964)

GE Made this toy that you can put a vinyl record and a slide of photos into. The toy looked like a little TV with a large 10 inch screen. Some models could project onto the wall.

The vinyl record will play the sounds of the show, and the toy will project the slides onto a screen. It gives the kids an illusion of having their own TV, even if it was just a slide show.

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Milton Bradley – Pocket Simon (1980)

The original Simon launched at midnight May 15, 1978 at Studio 54. The room was now lit with the light from a 4 foot replica of the Simon hanging from the ceiling. Not sure if the Simon was given away or sold at the event, but it was an instant hit.

The original Simon being such a success, they released a few new versions such as the pocket and super Simon in 1980.

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