Gateway LT20 – KAV60 Recovery DVDs ISO Download

Gateway LT20 / KAV60 Recovery DVD 1 of 2 and 2 of 2

Download DVD 1

(ISO 3.9GB)
MD5: e3e04a1a274b7f4f0cdf755c386a7543

Download DVD 2

(ISO 3.3GB)
MD5: bbba4dfa7a1176959a04fa988a84b970

Gateway LT20 / KAV60 Drivers and Applications

Download Drivers and Applications DVD

(ISO 779MB)
MD5: faaf5dedf41057ec89e31c30a5508544

These were the DVDs I created from the system restore / Burn restore DVDs feature built into the computer. I am sure most people did not burn these or have access to the restore anymore. I am providing these to help you out!


Compaq Factory Recovery CD Year 2000 ISO Download

I do not know which model Compaq desktop or laptop this CD is from. Please let us know if you have any idea and I can update the website.

Download Here

(ISO 1.74MB) – What is this CD???
MD5: 5702895a302e85aa58053ca2c2b3b27e

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