SelecTronics DataStor 8000C Pocket Computer (1987)

This is a credit card sized device that can store contacts, have up to 20 reminder alarms, password protection, calculate numbers, and transfer data. The back of the device is metal, so it can stay in the folding case using a magnet.

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Archos 605 Wifi Media player 30GB (2007, $229)

This is from a time when phones were barely getting cameras, and were very limited in multimedia functionality. MP3 Players were popular media device, but this device adds video playback on its 4.3″ 800 x 480 resolution touch screen. The screen was very high resolution for the time.

They call the category of this device a Portable Video Player (PVP).

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Dell Axim X30 Pocket PC (2004)

It was the first pocket PC running Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition. There were 3 models, 2 with a 312MHz processor and one with a 624MHz Processor. That 624MHz processor was the fastest in a pocket PC at the time. The lowest model had no Bluetooth or WIFI and only 32MB ram, but the other 2 had 64MB ram had Bluetooth and WIFI.

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Apple Newton Messagepad 120

Apple Newton Messagepad 120 code name Gelato released between 1994-1995. It has a 320×240 resolution monochrome screen. This was around when people were using Powerbooks and Power Macintosh computers. Big focus on the newton was the handwriting recognition. Early newton devices ran Calligrapher from a Russian company. Palm also released a version of its graffiti software for Newton devices but modified to use the entire screen for hand writing. Newer updates to the Newton OS released with apple Rosetta and keeping the older software for compatibility.


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