Webster Wire Recorder Model 80-1 (1947)

The main form of audio reproduction at the time was reel to reel recorders which came out in the 1940s.
Wire recorders use magnetized steel wire to record and playback sounds such as music or voices.
Webster Chicago was a leading company producing both reel to reel recorders and wire recorders, which were both used in the 1940s and 1950s. Metal oxide tape replaced the steel wire recorders in the early 1950s.

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Archos 605 Wifi Media player 30GB (2007, $229)

This is from a time when phones were barely getting cameras, and were very limited in multimedia functionality. MP3 Players were popular media device, but this device adds video playback on its 4.3″ 800 x 480 resolution touch screen. The screen was very high resolution for the time.

They call the category of this device a Portable Video Player (PVP).

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Audio ReQuest Media Server Computer

I found 2 of these Audio ReQuest computers at a thrift store. At first I wanted to know what they were, and when I saw the keyboard port in the back I started to wonder if these were computers, and for $20 each I took a chance back in 2017.


They run a custom OS for media playback. The unit has a CD rom drive built in the front to load media onto, and a removable hard drive.
The company ReQuest designs and makes media servers, and is still in business since 1998. I believe this type of unit would play music in a store, restaurant, or other business. Could also be used for video files on a display or sign.

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