IBM 1401 Interactive Exhibition 1960s Computer in unreal engine

Someone suggested this website in a reddit comment and I took a look into it. Its quite an amazing project. You can walk around and interact with a computer from the 1960’s, The IBM 1401.

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This Twitch stream plays retro videos 24/7

I like to watch this channel every few days when none of my friends streaming. It covers tons of videos about vintage computers, video games, and other cool tech stuff. Really big throw back to the TV shows I used to watch back in the 90s and 2000s.

You can check them out at

Getting packages from Japan are so satisfying

Whenever I order things directly from japan its always a treat. I felt this package was worth sharing.

It came with express shipping that was very fast. Then when opened contained a hand written card on Pokémon stationary, and a Pokémon bag as a gift. My wife really liked the little bear tape they used. Even the bubble wrap they used felt premium.

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I was playing with projection mapping back in 2015

I had the idea of projecting my face onto a Styrofoam head and made it happen. I used professional projection mapping software that had a free demo version. I also took a picture of the NEON sign lit up, and edited it as different colors and animated it into the projection map.
The face projection gives a strange effect in person as its 3D moving image in front of me.


Music: bensound