Screenwave Media at SoCal Retro Game Expo 2/24/2019

You may wonder why the audio is much better with this video than the others. I had access to get the direct recording from the microphones on stage! I wish I could have done that with all the other recordings for the weekend.

Well enjoy learning about YouTube and Screenwave Media!

Road Rash – with a blank cd!

I purcahsed this copy of Road Rash today for the PS1.

I think this may be a copy before the game was released. This may be a developer copy? This game has some of the art work that the released game has, but is missing the playstation logo on the front cover, and the CD art is blank! (But there is a Hologram on the cd “Road Rash”)

I tried to research this but found nothing. Can anyone please shed some light onto what this is exactly?

Rare ps1 developer copy of Road Rash
Front cover missing Playstation

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