Milton Bradley – Pocket Simon (1980)

The original Simon launched at midnight May 15, 1978 at Studio 54. The room was now lit with the light from a 4 foot replica of the Simon hanging from the ceiling. Not sure if the Simon was given away or sold at the event, but it was an instant hit.

The original Simon being such a success, they released a few new versions such as the pocket and super Simon in 1980.

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Atari Jaguar – The Last Atari Console (1993)

Released same year as the 32 bit 3DO, The Jaguar was the First “64 bit” console. It contained two 32bit processors in parallel and a Motorola 68000 coprocessor. The complex architecture made programming difficult.
This led to bad games, looking worse than the SNES that came out 2 years before.

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Sega Saturn Shuttle Mouse HSS-0102 from Japan

The Saturn mouse was designed to help play simulation games. The mouse buttons are A,B,C, Start. The US Version is called the NetLink Mouse and the Japan version is the Shuttle Mouse. Europe did not get a mouse.
This mouse is a ball mouse… Opps forgot to get a picture of the bottom.

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Brief history of the Sega Saturn

The Sega Saturn released between 1994-95 for $399 USD right after the Sega Genesis. It was released 1 year before the N64 and quickly lost sales until it was discontinued in 1998 when the Sega Dreamcast launched. The Saturn used dual Hitachi SH2 RISC processors so the Saturn could handle 3D games but added complexity coding games to use dual processors.
Sound ran through a Motorola 68EC000 with an integrated Yamaha FH1, 32 sound channels capable of FM synthesis and 16-bit. The cartridge slot was for memory expansion, games loaded from a dual speed CD Rom drive. Marketing towards the Saturn was focused on adults.

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PS2 Network / Modem and Hard drive adapter

Add on to the original PlayStation 2 fat models 30000 and 50000 came out in 2001 in Japan and 2004 in North America.
Ethernet is 100Base-TX / 10Base-T with RJ45 connection
Modem is V.90 @ 56K, K56 flex @ 56K, V.34 and others @ 33.6K with RJ-11 connection
The hard drive connection is IDE. The included disc has a defragment, disc repair, file manager, and formatting programs.

UPC: 711719704300



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