Learn the Art of Magic with Jay Alexander (1995 – $35)

Jay Alexander was born in Houston, Texas April 10, 1968. He is a famous American magician / comedian that has been on many TV shows, magazines, books, DVDs, and performed for many celebrities. When he was 11 years old, he found a trunk of magic gear in his grandparents attic and it all took off from there. Jay would perform weekends in his family’s shoe store. He was the youngest recipient of the Society of American Magicians Gold Medal of Honor at only the age of 14.

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Microprose Entertainment Pack Vol 1 – Dr Floyds Desktop Toys (1993)

The back of the box describes using this in an office environment, to escape the meetings and boss yelling (Wouldn’t playing games on the office computer cause more boss yelling?).

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TV Guide Multimedia Crosswords (1996)

This is a multimedia approach to crosswords, you will solve puzzles using video clips, photographs, and sound clues. The game has 200 crosswords directly from the past two decades of TV Guide. Topics include Television, Music, Movies, and Sports.

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Rolling Stones VooDoo Lounge CD ROM (1995)

The Rolling Stones released their first album with Virgin Records called the VooDoo album in 1994. They have released about 20 albums at this point. VooDoo Lounge was their first album without Bassist Bill Wyman. Their last album Steel Wheels was released 5 years earlier.

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3-D Ultra – Lionel Train Town Deluxe (2000)

This game takes the model train set to another level. You can change the location to one of 10 crazy places such as the north pole, Eiffel Tower, the big city, desert, giant playroom, backyard, kitchen, basement, and even another planet. You can also create your own world.

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The new way things work – PC Software

This is educational software that takes you into the world of machines, inventions, and the inventors.
There are over 150 machines and inventors as far back as 7,000 BC. Your in game guide is a Mammoth that gives you the tour. This CD-ROM contains a lot for you to explore: over 1,500 screens, 1,000 illustrations, 300 animations, 60 minutes of audio, and over 70,000 words.

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Operation Crusader (1994)

Operation Crusader was an actual military operation in WWII 1941.
The video game was developed by Atomic Games and Published by Avalon Hill in 1994.
Avalon Hill was struggling to sell wargame board games in the 90s and hired Atomic Games to make a computer game for them. Atomic Games made the V for Victory war game before being hired to make Operation Crusader.

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