Lowrance GlobalMap 100 Portable gps (1999/2000)

This portable GPS is the first mapping GPS receiver.

Features stunning 160 x 104 pixel high contrast display, 12 channel GPS, Mega Memory, rechargeable lithium backup battery, and more. The device runs on 4 AA batteries or external 5 to 35 volts DC with optional external cable.

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Radioshack Store Closing Tujunga, CA

Its always a sad day to see a store closing!

I have been going to radioshack since I was born! Ok, maybe since I was a kid. I loved getting all sorts of electronic parts from there to repair or make things! Yea, I started really young! I knew something was going on when it turned from an electronic parts store to a consumer electronics store, and really knew when things were bad when sprint came in and had half the store!

Here is a quick tour of the store just before it closed!

RadioShack at the corner of Foothill Blvd and Tujunga Canyon Blvd in Tujunga, Ca

AS OF 5/27/2017 – ONLY 4 days left!!!!

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