Pioneer DRM-6NX – Network Cache CD Changer (1999)

This is a very early NAS device that has a 6 CD changer and a Hard drive. The device will rip the CDs using a 24x speed CD-ROM reader onto the 5.1GB hard drive so the data is accessible over the network. By default you can have a maximum of 14 CDs available over the network, 8 discs cached on the Hard Drive and 6 more CDs in the CD Changer.

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ATI FireMV 2200 Multi View Graphics Accelerator (2006)

Graphics card designed for professional use. This card is compatible with DirectX 9.0. The GPU made using the 110nm process, and has 107 million transistors. There is 128MB DDR memory, 4 pixel shaders, 2 vortex shaders, 4 texture mapping units and 4 ROPs, so this is in no way a good gaming video card.

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Fisher Price – Fun 2 Learn – Computer Cool School (2008)

This toy was sold for kids aged 3 and older in preschool get ready for elementary school. The product was released in 2008 but discontinued in 2011.
The toy features a full keyboard with program shortcuts, writing tablet, and wired stylus pen.
The drawing pen is used as a mouse to select things on screen, but also for drawing and writing.

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ComShare 450 by Command Communications

This device allowed you to use 3 devices on the same single phone line to the home or office. 2 of the ports are linked, so it can switch between 2 devices such as a phone and modem, the extra linked port can be used for a fax machine or answering machine.

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Go Video – Dual-Deck Director DDD-1 (1994 $1099)

Dual-Deck Director software and cable allow you to capture and edit video from 8mm Hi-8 tapes to VHS using the GV-8050 Dual Deck VCR. Copy 8mm to VHS with a single button or combine up to 8 sources to VHS tape. The VCR and software was a consumer product, not for professional editors.

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