How we archive DVD and Blu-ray format movies and shows

I bought a DVD Duplicator at the thrift store, this one came with 6 IDE DVD drives. I disconnected all the drives from the duplicator module and connected them all to a computer next to it. This worked good, but required 2 power plugs and 2 cases next to each other. I used it for about a year before upgrading.

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Audio ReQuest Media Server Computer

I found 2 of these Audio ReQuest computers at a thrift store. At first I wanted to know what they were, and when I saw the keyboard port in the back I started to wonder if these were computers, and for $20 each I took a chance back in 2017.


They run a custom OS for media playback. The unit has a CD rom drive built in the front to load media onto, and a removable hard drive.
The company ReQuest designs and makes media servers, and is still in business since 1998. I believe this type of unit would play music in a store, restaurant, or other business. Could also be used for video files on a display or sign.

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Gateway 2000 Destination PC

The Gateway 2000 Destination PC was publicized in 1996 as the computer for the education market or living room use. The Destination was a set of components: The PC with a TV tuner capture card, a 31″ CRT TV, Remote, and keyboard and remote wand. The price was between $3,500 to $4,700 (2022 inflation = $6,520.31to $8,755.84). We only have the desktop, but its a cool piece of history.


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Apple II Plus Showcase

Apple II+ in our collection. I am currently working on restoration on this one. There was a lot of rust from rat pee and does not power on. Progress as of now is fully rebuild power supply, and several chips replaced. Monitor now displays an image but possible RAM issues to tackle next. We are going to build a chip tester next so we can test each RAM chip. (Retro Chip Tester Professional)


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My new 486 Computer

I just got this 486 computer today for $5.99! I do not know much about it so far.
-Video Card: Trident TGUI9400CX1 from 1993
-I can see one 72 pin simm. The motherboard also accepts 30 pin simms.
-It has a Modem, Video card, and Hard drive / Serial card.
-There is no sound card and no hard drive.

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