Craig 4506 Calculator (1974)

This calculator was first introduced in 1974. It has a Vacuum Fluorescent Display. It is an arithmetic calculator with algebraic logic. The calculator has memory so you can keep adding to the last answer, it has decimal points rounded to 2 places, and can calculate percentages. If the answer exceeds 8 digits, it will display the 8 most significant digits and lock the keyboard until you press C.

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SelecTronics DataStor 8000C Pocket Computer (1987)

This is a credit card sized device that can store contacts, have up to 20 reminder alarms, password protection, calculate numbers, and transfer data. The back of the device is metal, so it can stay in the folding case using a magnet.

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Sears Model 888.58800 78 Adding Machine from 1972

This adding machine came out in the early 1970s at a cost around $50 (About $354.44 with inflation). This calculator prints everything onto 2 1/4 inch paper roll. Made by Kawasaki in Japan.

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The Loan Arranger II Handheld Calculator

My wife found it at the thrift the other day.
One look and I threw it in the cart. This thing is cool.

The Loan Arranger II was from a local company in Orange, CA but they moved to Nevada in 1994. Calculated Industries have been in business since 1978 with a focus on calculators for the real estate and loan industries.
Their first product was the Loan Arranger.

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