Digital Preservation Services

We plan to have Digital Preservation Services when we open the museum.

Are you dealing with the following situations?

  • Did you find an old Floppy disc with your companies lost database on it?
  • Do you have your parents novel on a zip disc and want to access it again?
  • Are you thinking? This ___ Media has data I need, lets take it to Retro Tech Museum.

Then our services are just for you.

  • We will access the data on ancient media (Floppy, Zip, Jazz, CD, Superdisc, etc) and transfer it to new media (Such as thumb drive, or file download).
  • We can also convert the files to a modern format.

We want to start with computer readable media, but expand into audio and video too.
From camcorder tape, to reel to reel, we want to preserve it all.

We plan for this service to start when we open a physical museum with a dedicated area setup for this purpose.