What is Retro Tech Museum:

We Preserve so you can Observe. –

We are collectors and preservers of retro technology for all to see. We showcase rare tech on our website and hope to someday soon open a physical location.

Our plans:

We want to have a physical place for retro tech lovers to socialize. We want to have LAN parties (Modern and Retro Computers), Meeting spaces for retro tech enthusiasts, Electronics lessons for beginners and children, DIY Computer Repair and so much more! We want to display rare technology for all to see in person. Take a look at our website and you can see just a small percentage of what we have. Items we have include a Microsoft Bus Mouse with Paint (Before it was Microsoft Paint), Microsoft BallPoint Mouse 1.00Microsoft Windows 1.01 sealed, Several old rare computers, Iomega Floppy drive, Rare Sealed “I made this” Xbox 360 face plate, Sega Genesis Speakers, Nintendo Switch Kiosk and many other rare items will be on display. 

We have many plans for awesome exhibits and items to showcase over time. We may have monthly exhibits and events to get people together. We want to setup a Retro styled arcade, Multiple VR Setups, Computers from most eras (Imagine all versions of windows running at the same time), and so much more. We also have ideas of setting up retro styled store displays with new in box products from the era. Imagine seeing inside a 1990’s Radioshack, Blockbuster or CompUSA store. 


What funds will be used for:

The funds we gather from Patreon, PayPal, etc will be used for the following towards a physical location of the retro tech museum.

-Rent: Typical rent in this area for a business of this size is $7,000 to $15,000 per month

-Business stuff: such as non-profit business license, Insurance, Advertising, Utilities, Repairs, etc.

-Expansion: Buying old tech can be expensive, and we want to showcase working examples to the public. Old tech needs repairs and we plan to do that in house. We have most of the tools needed already but replacement parts can be expensive.


How can you help: (Donations go towards a physical location, our dream!)

  • Donate on Patreon 
  • Donate on PayPal 
  • Donate physical computers, games & tech to our P.O. Box. (Email us first)
  • Anything physical sent to us that we do not need will be sold on eBay and the funds will be towards the museum.

Our current fund as of 11/1/2022 is $2,598.XX

Other ways to help:

-If you own a business you can sponsor us and we can advertise your business on our website and if we get a physical location we can advertise on a banner inside or vinyl window decal. Just contact us

-You can view and enjoy our website for free.

-Tell people about us. You may not be able to help us open, but you know someone that can.

-We also accept retro tech as donations, please email us first so we can approve donations.

-We also take loans of items to have on display. Have a vintage gadget you think belongs in a museum, contact us. We can showcase it until you need it back. (Please wait until we have a physical museum location first)