Institutional Plan

We want to preserve retro technology so it can be observed by the public.

Short term and long term goals:

Current vision: To post often on the website and social media showcasing the history of tech items.

Future vision: To get enough funding to start a Non-Profit and open a physical museum. Then plans to expand the museum and add more fun interactive things, more services, and more items to display. Hire people to help carry out the mission.

Planning process (Basic summary):

  • We are currently posting 5 days a week showcasing the history of tech.
  • We have been posting 1 post per month showing the merch store
  • We have been posting 1 post per month asking for donations (2 weeks apart from merch post)
  • We are restoring some tech items, and catalog the process on this website.
  • We are networking, passing out business cards, and meeting people to join the team.
  • We are constantly looking for more tech items to add to the collection.
  • We are currently updating the website, page by page, and adding a lot of museum specific pages.
  • Once we get the funding, we will get a Non-Profit business license.
  • Then we will search for a location to open a physical museum to have our items on display.

Strategic vision and goals:

Vision: To showcase retro technology for all.


  • Write articles
  • Post social media
  • Have a physical museum


  • Disc repair
  • Data Archiving
  • Digital Preservation
  • Exhibit of items


  • Success will be measured when we have a physical location that can be self funded without outside help.

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