Code of Ethics

Since we are working towards making this an official museum, this page is a work in progress towards that goal.

We are not currently a licensed museum. We are seeking funding to expand from a website into a full museum.

Our Mission statement is:

Our purpose is to preserve technology and teach others about its history and evolution.

We are working towards being a Non-Profit museum.


  • Make a physical museum
  • Handicap access to everything
  • Have items on display
  • Teach the history of the items
  • Show a timeline of technology evolution
  • Make as many interactive exhibits as we can
  • Make it a fun environment
  • Information should be freely distributed.
  • To cooperate and consult with other museums and institutions.
  • Sharing knowledge, documentation and collection with other museums, especially if they are in great need.
  • All written information in blog posts, social media, etc should be written in our own words, no plagiarism. All sources of information should be listed on the website.


  • Employment and Volunteer policy
  • Protect the items from damage: UV Light, Temperature, Food/Drinks, Electrical, etc.
  • Restore items to working condition if possible
  • To serve the public
  • Items in the museum collection can not be used for personal use.
  • Have a great evacuation plan for emergencies
  • Security policy: Alarms, Cameras, Security guard, Glass cases, Locks, Doors.
  • Any employee or volunteer with knowledge of security must keep it secret. Tell no one.
  • Insurance for items in house and on loan
  • Items will be kept on a log: full identification of each item, Detailed description, Original Condition, Restoration, Current condition, location.
  • Members of the museum profession have an obligation to share expertise and knowledge with other people in the relevant field such as colleagues and students.
  • We want to conform to all national, state, and local laws and accepting professional standards with honor and dignity of the museum community while safeguarding the public from any illegal or unethical conduct.
  • Museum employees will not accept gifts, loans, favors, or other personal benefits offered to them because they are part of the museum.
  • Employees should not take any other paid employment or outside commissions that are in conflict with the interests of the museum.


  • Donations – Money
  • Donations – Items
  • Gift shop sales
  • Merch sales
  • Patreon
  • Sales of un-needed items
  • Special events (Lan Parties, Conventions, Swap Meets, etc)


  • We collect items that can showcase the history of technology
  • These items can be from donations, or from the founder Retro Unlimited’s personal collection.
  • Items should be stored in a way that will prevent damage or wear of the item.
  • Items should be restored the best we can before being put on display.
  • Items cataloged will get a page on this website.
  • Items not needed will be sold as funding for the museum.
  • Items not on display will be stored on shelving in a locked room.
  • Items in the collection should have a valid title of ownership.
  • No items can be on display if they are a hazard to the public.
  • Items on display can not be sold, unless a better one can be put on display in its place.
  • Decommissioned items can be offered to other museums, sold to online sales, in the gift shop, donated to a thrift store or taken to e-waste recycling depending on the item and its condition.
  • The funding from items sold will go towards getting more items, or replacing the item sold.
  • Museum personnel, management, families and close associates are not permitted to purchase items from the collection.
  • Items on display should not compromise the care or conservation of the item
  • Any reproductions or copies need to be clearly labeled as such.
  • Must not accept gifts or items from any dealer, auctioneer, or person that will dispose of museum items.

Personal information:

  • Any personal information found with collected items, on hard drives, floppies, printouts, etc, will remain confidential.
  • Any customers of the museum services will remain confidential unless using 3rd party services such as spreadshirt on our merch store, Patreon, paypal, etc.
  • Confidentiality is subject to a legal obligation to police or government, as part of an investigation.