About us

Hello Everyone!

We Preserve so you can Observe.

Our goal is to showcase and preserve the history of retro technology! See our Mission page for more information.

Let me introduce myself. I like to call myself “Retro Unlimited” or Retro for short.

Retro Unlimited:

I have been a retro collector my entire life. My mom used to take me to lots of yard sales, rummage sales, thrift stores, and other bargain hunting places. My grandpa would take me to swap meets, and this super awesome huge indoor swap meet. I think that my love for retro tech started by always getting old things (Because it was cheap) and self learning how to get them to work. My focus was on computers, but I also liked cell phones, PDAs, radios, cars, etc.

I have since acquired many super rare items and want to share them with the world.

Education: Went to Community college but left for full-time employment. Made Deans List and also met ArtGoofy in College Speech Class.
-Certified Computer technician (A+ Lifetime Certified).
-Certified Aerospace Lead Auditor (As9100 Rev. C).
-Certified High Reliability Soldering Technician (J-STD-001).


The wife of Retro_Unlimited, with a passion for artsy and crafty projects but an interest in some retro tech. Her area of interest is phones, PDAs, hand held game consoles.

Education: ArtGoofy Graduated from Community College, Main study being Animation and Arts.
Artgoofy also gives back to the community by volunteering at a local Art school.


We will list Volunteers here when we open the museum.


We will list Employees here when we open the museum.

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