Rolling Stones VooDoo Lounge CD ROM (1995)

The Rolling Stones released their first album with Virgin Records called the VooDoo album in 1994. They have released about 20 albums at this point. VooDoo Lounge was their first album without Bassist Bill Wyman. Their last album Steel Wheels was released 5 years earlier.

The VooDoo Lounge CD-ROM was released 1 year later. Its a music based point and click adventure game where you solve mysteries within the VooDoo Lounge. There are 16 rooms to explore including the VIP Room. You can run into the Rolling Stones while solving mysteries. There are lots of FMV, Rare Rolling Stones footage (On-stage and backstage), and several full length songs including rare remixes.

System Requirements:
Windows: 486SX 66+, 8MB Ram, 640×480 SVGA 256 colors+, MS Windows 3.1 or 95, 2x CD-ROM, 9MB HDD, 8-16 bit sound, QuickTime 2.03 included, Mouse.
Macintosh: 68040 CPU+, Color mac with 256 colors+, System 7.0+, 8MB Ram, 2X CD-ROM, 9MB HDD, QuickTime 2.1 Included, Mouse.



The game trailer:

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