Pioneer DRM-6NX – Network Cache CD Changer (1999)

This is a very early NAS device that has a 6 CD changer and a Hard drive. The device will rip the CDs using a 24x speed CD-ROM reader onto the 5.1GB hard drive so the data is accessible over the network. By default you can have a maximum of 14 CDs available over the network, 8 discs cached on the Hard Drive and 6 more CDs in the CD Changer.

The rear of the unit has a SCSI interface that can expand the unit to have additional CD-ROM drives, DVD-ROM drives, another CD changer, or even Hard drives for more storage.
With an external Hard Drive attached it is possible to have over 100 CDs available.

The Dynamic cache allows the device to delete files from the hard drive so only the most used files are cached on the hard drive for quicker access.

Management of the device is done via a web interface. This webpage allows you to monitor and manage the CDs, status, volumes, error logs, and more.

This unit supports a wide array of clients such as Novell, windows, Unix, OS/2, and more.


Quick Manual:

Full Manual:

Adding additional drives:


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