NEC MultiSpin 4×4 CD-ROM changer CDR-C251 (1995)

You can load up to 4 CDs into the changer and capable of 4X CD-ROM speed. It can play music CDs, Enhanced Music CD (CD+), multimedia or data discs, CD-I (FMV) Video CD playback and Photo CD compatibility.

The drive can be connected to a standard IDE connection on your motherboard or expansion card.
Some drives back then required its own interface cards for use, I am glad this one is normal IDE / ATAPI device. The drive did originally come with a ISA controller card, but it was optional to use if you already have an IDE connection.

The drive is capable of playing music CDs at 150KB/sec and CD-ROM data discs at 600KB/sec. 250ms average access time, 128KB memory buffer.

The drive can operate in 2 ways:
Single drive letter mode where all 4 CDs get same drive letter such as D (D-1, D-2, D-3, D-4) or
Multiple Drive letter mode where each disc gets its own drive letter (D, E, F, G).
Windows 3.1 gives you the option which mode you want to use.
Windows 95 only works on Multiple drive mode. Some Games and software must be run from the same drive they were installed from, so you need to remember which place you inserted it originally.

The CD-ROM drive was designed for Windows 3.1 and Windows 95.


Forum post about the drive (2nd post down) Has pictures of box, floppy, and drivers to download

Installation Video VHS:

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