Mega Race PC CD-ROM Game from 1993

MegaRace is a fictional game show within the game itself. You play as a contestant on the show competing in vehicular combat. The fictional show is broadcast on VWBT channel (Virtual World Broadcast Television).

The gameplay is similar to Roadblasters or Spyhunter, but played more like a rail shooter to battle the other opponents. The car can be partially controlled by steering to go over symbols on the road that can help or hurt the car. The racetrack is in full motion video.

You can beat the other racers by knocking them into the wall, shooting missiles at them, or passing them enough distance and they will blow up. You win when all the opponents are gone before the 3 laps.

The game sold over 330,000 by September 1995. The game also came bundled with some Packard Bell computers.

This game ended up on many platforms such as the DOS PC, Sega CD, 3DO. The Amiga CD32 was never released. They added MegaRace and MegaRace 2 to in 2009, and later they added the Mac OS X version to GOG in 2013. There are 3 MegaRace games available on steam.

System Requirements:

IBM PC 386/33, 2MB Ram, MS-DOS 5.0+, MCGA or VGA 256 colors, CD-ROM, Sound card, Mouse / Joystick compatible.


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