Macintosh Classic M0420 (1991)

The Macintosh Classic was born from the success of the Macintosh 128K, Macintosh Plus, and the Macintosh SE. It was designed to be more modern and less expensive than the Macintosh Plus.

The Macintosh Classic has a built in 9 inch monochrome display with 512×342 resolution, 8MHz 68000 CPU, 1-2MB RAM, 1.44MB Floppy drive and optional 40MB SCSI Hard drive.
It was a slow computer when it came out, but was the first Macintosh under $1000 USD.

Critics criticized the slow processor, monochrome display, low ram, etc. but the computer also kept great compatibility with existing software, and the much lower price.

Introduced October 1990 and Discontinued September 1992.

Originally released with Mac OS 6.0.7 and also supports 6.0.7 to 7.5.1 and 7.5.3 to 7.5.5.


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