Lowrance GlobalMap 100 Portable gps (1999/2000)

This portable GPS is the first mapping GPS receiver.

Features stunning 160 x 104 pixel high contrast display, 12 channel GPS, Mega Memory, rechargeable lithium backup battery, and more. The device runs on 4 AA batteries or external 5 to 35 volts DC with optional external cable.

These maps are much more detailed in rural areas than in city areas.

The GPS sold for about $179.99. There was also optional map software called MapCreate and a data cable available for another $150 more. The GPS is water proof, but also sinks like a brick. Lawrance products are typically aimed at fishing and boating users. Its a unit with a lot of functions such as split screen maps, hidden power button to prevent accidental pushes, remembers 750 places you have been, plots up to 99 routes, and maps with up to 1,500 waypoints.

The maps will show lots of little details that other GPS models may miss such as buoys and the names of smaller lakes and islands.

UPC: 042194519968





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