Con Ton Y son – McGraw Hill School Interactive (1997)

Con Ton Y Son translates to “With Rhyme and Reason”.

This software was designed for schools to teach Spanish using a computer. It offers children step by step phonics instructions, using interactive multimedia that features creative activities, music, sounds, and illustrations. The children can listen to target syllables to strengthen their phonic skills and improve their reading and word skills.

Activities include words being spoken out loud and children pick the syllables, learn new words using contexts within a sentence, and writing their own stories.

Inside the box I find: A guide for the teacher, User manual, 3 short story books, quick access menu button guide, and a CD-ROM for the computer.

System Requirements:

Win 3.1x / 95: 386/33+, 8MB Ram, QuickTime 2.1+, SVGA with 256 colors, 2x CD-ROM drive, Sound blaster, Speakers, Microphone, Mouse, Printer.

Macintosh: 68030 25MHz+, 5MB Ram, System 7.1+, QuickTime 2.5+, 13″ + Color monitor with 256 colors, 2X CD-ROM drive, Speakers, Microphone, Mouse, Printer.


Only source I found was the trademark being registered 7/29/1996 and expiring 8/22/2008.

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