AAA IntelliTravel Automotive Club Map Software (1995)

According to the Getting Started sheet:
“IntelliTravel was designed with the leisure traveler in mind.” This software is a easy to use itinerary planner, with many maps, point of interest, restaurants, lodging, campgrounds. You can plan your entire trip.

We have 3 versions of this software, 2 of them are opened and showcased in the photos, but one is still factory sealed.

The 2 that are opened are also filled with maps and some guide books, so its not all digital maps.

Inside the package is an order form for the software, AAA Members pay $14.95 and Non-Members pay $24.95 each plus tax at 7.75% and shipping for $5.

System Requirements:
Windows 3.1+, Dos 5.0+, 386sx+, VGA, 4MB Ram, 3.5″ 1.44MB floppy drive, Mouse in Windows.

UPC: 730335002560 / 730335002546 / 730335002553

Could not find any sources of information about this software online.

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