3-D Ultra – Lionel Train Town Deluxe (2000)

This game takes the model train set to another level. You can change the location to one of 10 crazy places such as the north pole, Eiffel Tower, the big city, desert, giant playroom, backyard, kitchen, basement, and even another planet. You can also create your own world.

There are over 45 locomotives to choose from. The game has over 80 jobs, such as rescuing a crashed UFO, getting a trainload of elves to Santa’s workshop, Save the cowsmonauts in Cows from udder space, or feeding a baby T-Rex.

Some of the basic tasks are repair the tracks, connect and disconnect train cars, refueling, track switching, and you can even ride on the trains.

This deluxe edition is a re-release with many new missions and a track creator.

System Requirements:
Pentium 120+, 32MB Ram, 70MB HDD, 4X CD-ROM, 800×600 16 bit video.






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