SelecTronics DataStor 8000C Pocket Computer (1987)

This is a credit card sized device that can store contacts, have up to 20 reminder alarms, password protection, calculate numbers, and transfer data. The back of the device is metal, so it can stay in the folding case using a magnet.

It can store up to 8K of memory (7,951 letters), which can hold up to 60 address book entries (Up to 128 characters each). Storage is kept using 2 batteries, to reduce loss of data while changing batteries. The Main Battery is a CR2025 and the backup battery is a CR1220.

File transfer is between 2 of the same devices and requires an adapter.

The Models by SelecTronics:
Credit card style: 8000c, desktop version: 8000D, Folding version: 8000F, or the limited credit card style: 8000SC which removed Clock, Alarm, and Calculator functions.

There were other modes by Metalogic:
Metalogic DataStor 8000m or Metalogic DataStor 8100.

UPC: 086718138068
Made in Hong Kong

SelecTronics, Inc. was located at
701 Decatur Avenue North
Building 204.
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55428.

But product registration went to:
SelecTronics, Inc.
Dept. WPR-002.
255 Humboldt Street.
Rochester, New York 14610


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