Sports-Write – Sports Journal and Scrapbook (1999)

SportsWrite made it easy to track your own sports moments by making a scrapbook, writing in a diary, and keeping track in a journal. You can add your own pictures and Audio/Video, but also comes with images to use including animated clip art.

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SelecTronics DataStor 8000C Pocket Computer (1987)

This is a credit card sized device that can store contacts, have up to 20 reminder alarms, password protection, calculate numbers, and transfer data. The back of the device is metal, so it can stay in the folding case using a magnet.

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IBM 1401 Interactive Exhibition 1960s Computer in unreal engine

Someone suggested this website in a reddit comment and I took a look into it. Its quite an amazing project. You can walk around and interact with a computer from the 1960’s, The IBM 1401.

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