Operation Crusader (1994)

Operation Crusader was an actual military operation in WWII 1941.
The video game was developed by Atomic Games and Published by Avalon Hill in 1994.
Avalon Hill was struggling to sell wargame board games in the 90s and hired Atomic Games to make a computer game for them. Atomic Games made the V for Victory war game before being hired to make Operation Crusader.

This game ran on an updated V for Victory game engine. They added fog of war, selecting different attacks, probes, assaults, and more. There are 5 single battle scenarios and a single campaign game which you play as Axis or Allies.

The game can be played VS. computer which will throw curveballs at you, or you can play with a friend local multiplayer, or even over E-Mails!

The game was released for DOS and Macintosh, our copy is the DOS version.

System Requirements:
MS DOS 4.01+, 386+, 4MB Ram (5MB with sound), HDD, 3.5″ Floppy Drive, SVGA, Mouse.
Support for Sound Blaster, ProAudio Spectrum 16, Gravis UltraSound.



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