MODE – FMV game by Corel and Jeff Green (1996)

Their first game Midnight Stranger in 1994 was a success, so they made a new game called MODE. They ended up with a larger budget for this second game and even added a website version called “Club Mode”. The game reviewed poorly in PG Gamer magazine and Corel never released MODE. The software assets were sold to Hoffmann + Associates of Toronto (My box has their label on it). After they released it, many reviewers were favorable to the game, and it developed a fan base.

The goal of the game is to steal a guest pin to sneak into the party of an eccentric artist and find out what MODE machine really is. Both MODE and Midnight Stranger had a mood bar that would show the other people reactions to your choices.

The animations were designed to save lots of space on the CD-ROMs by animating only a small part of the screen such as a persons head, and having the rest of the screen be a full screen photo. This led to much more FMV video in the game, but also left a few weird situations where things did not line up right.


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