Major League Reading (1997 – $29.99)

This software was created to get kids that like baseball excited to read. 1 player can battle the computer, or 2 players to battle each other.

The better the kid does in the exercises, the better their team does in the game.

There are mini games to advance your baseball team players such as Pitching, base running, and fielding. One of the games has choices such as kind of pitch, how to hit it, and get the results if their team win or lose. Another is a spelling bee mini game. There are also 1,500 articles sorted by reading level. The program also has a way to create your own spelling and vocab lists.

System Requirements:
-486SX/33 or better, 4MB Ram, Win 3.1 or 95, 12MB Hard drive space, CD Rom drive.
-LCIII or better, 5MB Ram, System 7 or newer, 12MB Hard drive space, CD Rom drive.

UPC: 751347242003
Publisher: Sanctuary Woods Multimedia Corporation


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