Great Museums of the World – Topics Entertainment / CounterTop Software (1999)

This set of CD-ROMs includes interactive virtual tours of all the great museums of Europe.

Just a few of the museums covered in this set: The Louvre, Uffizi Gallery, Rijksmuseum, The Tate, the Hermitage, Museo del Prado, The Vatican, The National Gallery, Pushkin Museum, and many more.

This box contains 5 CDs:
Famous Museums of Europe, Volume 1
Famous Museums of Europe, Volume 2
Le Grand Louvre, Volume 1 – The Masterpieces
Le Grand Louvre, Volume 2 – Works of Art
Le Grand Louvre, Volume 3 – Egyptian & Italian Art.

System Requirements: Pentium 75, Windows 95, 16MB Ram, 10MB Hard Drive, 640×480, 4X CD-ROM, Sound Blaster.

UPC: 781735800300

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