General Electric Show’N Tell Picturesound Program (1964)

GE Made this toy that you can put a vinyl record and a slide of photos into. The toy looked like a little TV with a large 10 inch screen. Some models could project onto the wall.

The vinyl record will play the sounds of the show, and the toy will project the slides onto a screen. It gives the kids an illusion of having their own TV, even if it was just a slide show.

Each program was about 4 minutes long, and a new slide about 15 seconds. Some stories had to be cut down quite a lot to fit.

The effect of the vinyl and slides did a really good job to be like watching a short cartoon or show (Example).

It was first advertised as being an educational toy, but had less and less educational programs during the products lifespan. The toy can also function as a player for 33.3 and 45 records (Not 12 inch).



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  1. Have found some old GE Show’N Tell picture sound program from the 1960’s. Does anyone collect these?

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