Focus Electronics FK-8200 Keyboard

This is a very rare and unique keyboard.

The top row of function keys are actually PF Programmable Function keys. The programming is done on the keyboard itself, so no software needed.

The right side of the keyboard has an integrated Calculator that can also send the results to the computer. When the calculator is not in use, it turns to clock more.

These keyboards was popular for CAD programs.

Here are a few Focus made keyboards with similar functions.
FK-9200 has a trackball under the space bar.
FK-9000 had a NiCad battery that was common to leak, PF keys on the left, and all direction arrow keys.
FK-8000 had a calculator but ran on 3V CR2032, no PC send function. .
FK-5001 had functions keys on the left, and a calculator function without send.
FK-3001 Calculator function.
FK-2001 basic keyboard layout XT/AT Switchable. No Calculator.

I think Focus Electronics went out of business around 2003, as that was the latest working website archive on According to their website, the calculator/clock and trackball designs are patented.

Additional information from a Reddit user Dawn_Kebals:

“I use this keyboard as my daily driver and can add some insight.

The PF keys can be customized to store up to 19 total keystrokes. To do so, open any text editor, hold down the Prog key and the PF key you want to bind and let go of both keys. A “PF#-” will pop up. Simply type whatever keystrokes you want and hit the PF key that you’re editing. The text should disappear and you will be good to go. You can also look at the display above the numpad to see how many keystrokes have been bound to each PF key when you’re modifying them so there’s no need to count.

As far as using the keyboard goes, the spacebar is a bit wobbly and I find the \ key to be a bit hard to reach but it’s a joy otherwise.

The keys have a large tactile bump as they buckle/actuate – much more pronounced than Cherry browns and they are a bit heavier feeling as well. Like Cherry browns, there is also some travel to the switches after the actuation point, so you don’t have to bottom out the switch when typing.

I scooped this up about a year and a half ago for $10 at a local thrift store. Sealed, new in box. If anyone ever sees this and needs the manual, I still have everything in pristine condition and can upload it.”


Their original website is down:

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