Corel Print Office 2000 for Macintosh (1999)

Publishing software capable of making brochures, business cards, newsletters, web sites, fliers and more.

System Requirements:
Mac 8.1 or newer, iMac or Power Macintosh, 32MB RAM with Virtual Memory, CD-ROM drive.

Corel was founded in 1985 as a research laboratory by Michael Cowpland. Corel was short for COwpland REsearch Laboratory. He started the company because he was the CEO of Mitel and needed writing and creative design programs, so Corel was created to fill that need. Soon after Corel acquired Novell WordPerfect to try and compete against Microsoft office application.
Corel also made a FMV game in 1996 called MODE (We have a sealed copy).
They have since developed many computer programs, and acquired many software companies.


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