Lets go to the races – Betamax VCR horse racing game by Parker Brothers (1987)

We go thrifting a lot and find unusual things all the time. I see DVD games such as “Scene It?” and “Riff” and sometimes VHS games. This is the first time I found a Betamax game, so I bought it.

This is a game about betting on horse races and watching the actual race on a VCR. This game sold in both VHS and Betamax versions, but I think the Betamax version is much more rare.

You can play between 4-16 players over 13 years old. The game takes about 60 minutes to play through the horse auction and the 40 races. Changing the score sheet each playthrough gives the game a bit of replayability.



https://amzn.to/3BUgSQG (Amazon Affiliate Link)

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