How we archive DVD and Blu-ray format movies and shows

I bought a DVD Duplicator at the thrift store, this one came with 6 IDE DVD drives. I disconnected all the drives from the duplicator module and connected them all to a computer next to it. This worked good, but required 2 power plugs and 2 cases next to each other. I used it for about a year before upgrading.

The new computer is a Ryzen 1700x in a Antec 1200 case.
The ripping computer now has 12 Drives in the case (Top one is Blu-ray) and I added 2 external Blu-ray on top of the case. It can rip 14 discs at a time.

Each DVD takes about 10-15 minutes or so to rip to a hard drive (I have at least 2 HDD in this computer to rip to). After a DVD is ripped, I then copy it to another computer over the network and shrink the files, then copy that to my Plex/Emby server.

I am sure there are more automated ways to do this, but this way has been working well. I also have a DVD duplicating robot that I hope to someday modify to rip DVDs automatically 50 at a time.

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