Contour ShuttlePRO – A special controller for editors

This device features Jog and Shuttle controls, with 13 programmable buttons. The included software allows this device to control any software using keyboard shortcuts, scrolling, modifier keys, and virtual keys. By default the software works with the most popular audio, compositing, video, design, animation, game engines, and much more.

My device is a much older one for Windows 98-XP and MacOS 8.6+ and MacOS 10.1+. They still make and sell these as the V2 and Xpress models at time of writing this.

The company Countour was founded in 1995 by Steve Wang in Windham, New Hampshire, USA. Their first product was the Countour Mouse. By 1997, their product Perfit Mouse was awarded best ergonomic product.

Part Number: SP-JNS
UPC: 743870005002

Sources: (Affiliate link)

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