Lets go to the races – Betamax VCR horse racing game by Parker Brothers (1987)

We go thrifting a lot and find unusual things all the time. I see DVD games such as “Scene It?” and “Riff” and sometimes VHS games. This is the first time I found a Betamax game, so I bought it.

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Go Video – Dual-Deck Director DDD-1 (1994 $1099)

Dual-Deck Director software and cable allow you to capture and edit video from 8mm Hi-8 tapes to VHS using the GV-8050 Dual Deck VCR. Copy 8mm to VHS with a single button or combine up to 8 sources to VHS tape. The VCR and software was a consumer product, not for professional editors.

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Bumptz Science Carnival (1995)

The story is their bus crashed on its way to a science carnival, and pieces flew off into the carnival. Play the games to find the pieces for the bus. The carnival games include over 200 animated puzzles, set to challenge the players.
The game includes 12 animated cartoons to learn about more science topics. There is also 19 printable experiments to try at home.

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How we archive DVD and Blu-ray format movies and shows

I bought a DVD Duplicator at the thrift store, this one came with 6 IDE DVD drives. I disconnected all the drives from the duplicator module and connected them all to a computer next to it. This worked good, but required 2 power plugs and 2 cases next to each other. I used it for about a year before upgrading.

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Contour ShuttlePRO – A special controller for editors

This device features Jog and Shuttle controls, with 13 programmable buttons. The included software allows this device to control any software using keyboard shortcuts, scrolling, modifier keys, and virtual keys. By default the software works with the most popular audio, compositing, video, design, animation, game engines, and much more.

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