A little bit of history: USRobotics

I always found the USRobotics modems of the 90s to be quite iconic. I was seeing them everywhere. The company USRobotics also has an interesting history.

The modem pictured is the USRobotics Sportster Faxmodem with x2 – 56K

The company was a garage startup in 1976 started by making 300 baud acoustic coupler modems. The name USRobotics came from a science fiction movie, Robot by issaac Asimov.

USRobotics purchased Palm inc (PDA company), not long after, 3M ended up purchasing USRobotics. 3M continued running USRobotics in the 2000s. After 2004 USRobitics was sold to Unicom Global which still runs USRobotics in 2022.




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