Sega Saturn Shuttle Mouse HSS-0102 from Japan

The Saturn mouse was designed to help play simulation games. The mouse buttons are A,B,C, Start. The US Version is called the NetLink Mouse and the Japan version is the Shuttle Mouse. Europe did not get a mouse.
This mouse is a ball mouse… Opps forgot to get a picture of the bottom.

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Getting packages from Japan are so satisfying

Whenever I order things directly from japan its always a treat. I felt this package was worth sharing.

It came with express shipping that was very fast. Then when opened contained a hand written card on Pokémon stationary, and a Pokémon bag as a gift. My wife really liked the little bear tape they used. Even the bubble wrap they used felt premium.

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The Loan Arranger II Handheld Calculator

My wife found it at the thrift the other day.
One look and I threw it in the cart. This thing is cool.

The Loan Arranger II was from a local company in Orange, CA but they moved to Nevada in 1994. Calculated Industries have been in business since 1978 with a focus on calculators for the real estate and loan industries.
Their first product was the Loan Arranger.

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Started the phone collection with the Viking phone landline simulator

I started the collection of phones with the Viking phone landline simulator. This lets me connect any 2 phones together. When you pick up one phone, the other phone will ring and you can talk. If we ever get to open the museum, this could be used as an interactive exhibit.


Our corded landline phone collection.

We started with the landline simulator box on the top right, but the collection grew fast. We also have that really huge switch board phone I posted about before, 2 pay phones, an Incredibles red phone, and maybe more. Its been fun collecting, and awesome to be able to test / use them with the landline simulator.


Recently picked up a LG OS-9020A Oscilloscope

Recently picked up a LG OS-9020A Oscilloscope for the workbench. Nice to compliment the hand held one I have.
This model features 6 inch CRT, 20MHz bandwidth, 17.5ns Rise time, and single channel.
The same model was also sold under Gold Star branding.
Since I found this thrifting, I did not seek this model, this unit found me.


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Microsoft BallPoint Mouse 1.00

This is a track ball mouse that can clip to your keyboard. Came with several size attachment clamps.
Has both PS2 and Serial. Requirements: DOS 2.0, 3.5″ Floppy drive. Very early 90s. Copyright section of manual shows Windows/286 (Windows 2.0x) and Windows/386 (Windows 2.1x).



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Brief history of the Sega Saturn

The Sega Saturn released between 1994-95 for $399 USD right after the Sega Genesis. It was released 1 year before the N64 and quickly lost sales until it was discontinued in 1998 when the Sega Dreamcast launched. The Saturn used dual Hitachi SH2 RISC processors so the Saturn could handle 3D games but added complexity coding games to use dual processors.
Sound ran through a Motorola 68EC000 with an integrated Yamaha FH1, 32 sound channels capable of FM synthesis and 16-bit. The cartridge slot was for memory expansion, games loaded from a dual speed CD Rom drive. Marketing towards the Saturn was focused on adults.

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