Some of our old external modems

We have a few external modems in our collection. I am not sure where all of them are, but these are 2 modems that I was able to find and photograph to show you. Below is also modem accessories.

The oldest one we have is a Anchor 2400E by Anchor Automation

This modem is quite old, it operates at speeds up to 2400 bps.

The next modem is a USRobotics Sportster Faxmodem with x2 – 56K.

I know we have another USRobotics modem somewhere.

Modem Accessories:

This is a ComShare 450 by Command Communications:

This is 1 of the 2 we have. The other one we have is a different model (Maybe from a different company).

I remember buying one of these from a thrift store when I was young and had no idea what it did. I connected it to my computer modem and to a phone line. I was online and surfing the net and I heard the house phone ring. I was scared I lost my internet connection. Next thing you know I hear the phone hang up and my internet kept going. I WAS AMAZED. Its almost like modern call waiting technology, but a home hardware version.

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