Microsoft Windows 1.01 – My Sealed Copy

Microsoft Windows 1.01 sealed box

I have a sealed copy of Microsoft Windows version 1.01 from PC Week sent to the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

How do I know this, well it came with documentation from 1986!

I found this box at a rummage sale, all donations help the local police station. I found it and was so happy to see what was inside! I was happy to pay the $5 asking price.

Here is the top and bottom of the box.

Inside the box was the paperwork shown above, but also a Microsoft Mouse and driver floppies, and a manual.

The Microsoft Mouse came with a serial adapter from 25 pin ports to the normal 9 pin.

Now for the rest of the pictures of the Microsoft Windows 1.01 box.

Hope you enjoyed seeing this!

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