Mushroom Quest – Nintendo Switch Game Review


Full disclaimer: I received the game code in exchange for doing a review.

This is a simple puzzle game where you push crates into gaps to get access to the crystals you are trying to collect. Really reminds me a the old Zelda game dungeons where you have to move the blocks around to solve puzzles.

There are a total of 30 levels in the game.


The options of the game are simple, There is volume and languages.


There are a lot of languages to choose from. There is not really any story line or much written language in this game anyway, so I guess its more for the menus and simple directions in level 1.

Level 1 starts off with only collecting the crystals. Super easy. Level 2 simply shows you how moving the crates works, you just walk and they move.

Here are some screen shots from Level 2:



Level 3 introduces you to temporary ground that deletes after you walk over it. You must plan ahead where to move the crates or you will not be able to go back.


Each level can be played over and over again which helps when you mess up.

Level 5 adds a button that opens a gate so you can pass through. There has to be a crate holding the button so you can walk away. All the gaps have 2 spaces, but you only get 1 crate to move so you can not put the crate in the gaps in the floor, you must put it on the button.


Once you get to Level 7 they add a Key that unlocks a space to walk through. Its nice to slowly unlock new content as you play as it adds to the complexity of the puzzles and makes the game more interesting.


I made to to Level 10 and its really starting to get a bit difficult. Requires additional planning ahead each move so I do not get stuck.


Level 12 adds a trap door that opens and closes. As long as you get your timing right you can pass through.

Level 14 really confused me. Took me many tries to get this level, but eventually I figured it out.


I made it to level 17 and found it really easy, but it introduced a new game mechanic. The button now makes new floor tiles you can walk on.




Level 22 is another one that got me for a while… but then it just clicked in my head and I beat it.


When you beat each level, there is a nice screen showing “You Win!”


Also when you die, you get a screen saying “Heey~” because you walked the character into a hole to die. I found it kind of funny.


Conclusion: if you like simple puzzle games then this is a good one. I did play and beat the entire game. I would play again, It was fun and challenging.


Special thanks to Drageus Games ( for the opportunity to review this game. Check out Mushroom Quest on the Nintendo eshop!

It was fun to play through, hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


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