Quantum 3D Obsidian 2 X-24 Video Card Drivers CD ISO Download

Here is my awesome Quantum 3D Obsidian 2 X-24 Video Card I paid only $10 for. It is complete and appears almost new! Amazing find. I wanted to share as much information about this since it is super rare. I added a bunch of pictures of everything, and I added a PDF of the manual.

This card is like having 2x 3DFX Voodoo 2 cards in SLI – But only takes up 1 slot in the PC. Amazing stuff!

Has 24MB VRAM. Video card by Quantum 3D. Came out about 1998.

Driver Download:
Download Here


MD5: 3f249754bc22c6e368dac866df51b9c3

Game Demo Disc 1 – Quantum 3D Demos – Download:
Download Here – Disc had read errors during ISO rip – Unrecoverable block 314960, Try MDX file if you have issues.

(ISO – 615MB)

MD5: 74fa10fafcd22488155ef0cd2643b9ea

Alternative Download 

(MDX – 615MB)

MD5: 7cea05ea68123a357346a1d38cd98100

Game Demo Disc 2 – EA Demos – Download:
Download Here

(ISO  – 108MB)

MD5: 88b63b801b111e67b6f4317cb3df1314

Here is a PDF of the manual that I scanned for you.

Download PDF Here

(PDF – 36MB)

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