My Favorite Retro Computer YouTube Channels

Here is a list of my favorite Computer YouTubers to watch:
(Not in any specific order)

Mostly Retro Computers:

LGR Lazy Game Reviews
Great retro channel with game reviews, retro hardware and computer hardware mods.

The 8-Bit Guy
Much older computers – C64 – Old Macbooks, etc.

The 8-bit guys brother – Lots of great Tech Videos

Nostalgia Nerd
Amstrad, Atari, C64, and retro games.

Retro Technology and Audio Recording devices

Victor Bart – RETRO Machines
Covers old computers, 486, Pentium, etc.

Craft Computing
Modern tech, Networking, Servers, VR, etc.

The Obsolete Geek
Stopped uploading 1 year ago, sad to see him stop

Retro Recipes
Covers lots of retro tech, Also bought an amiga printer from us.

AA Computers and Technology
Older Pentiums, Core 2, etc.

Covers old hardware and some “eBay finds” and scams

Old Technology and computers

Technology Connections
Old Technology such as old Media formats.

Doing unusual things with old hardware

Old Computers and game consoles.

Newer Computer stuff:

Linus Tech Tips
The newest stuff in computers and tech gadgets.

Lots of computer builds

Snazzy Labs
Lots of macs and some PC stuff.

Computer NEWS:

Tech news a few days a week.

I used to watch “NetLinked” by NCIX but they went out of business. 🙁

Computer Learning:

Basic Explanations for Computer concepts and hardware

Quick explanations of Tech related stuff

CHM Tech
Quick explainations of tech related terms and concepts

I am sure there are a ton on here I am missing. But these are the best ones I can come up with from my list. Enjoy!

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