Kaypro 2 Portable Computer

I got my Kaypro 2 out of storage last week and gave it a test run. Check out the oldest computer in my collection:

This is known as a “Luggable” computer. It has a handle on the back of the computer to lift and carry it. This computer runs the CP/M Operating system. Its before DOS but uses similar commands. This computer came out in 1982.

Here is a gallery of pictures of the computer:

Some Specs of the system:
-The Kaypro II has a 2.5MHz Z80 Processor with only 64Kb of ram.
-There are 2 Single sided 191KB 5 1/4″ Floppy Drives.
-There is a built in 9″ 80 column Green monochrome CRT Monitor.

The Keyboard snaps over the CRT and Floppy drives to protect them during transport. The Keyboard connects to the back of the computer with a cable that looks like a phone cord.

During my testing last week the computer will not boot from the CP/M disk anymore. It did work last time I tried it maybe 10 years ago. My guess is that the floppy drive may need cleaning, grease, or maybe capacitors needed replacement. I put it back in storage for another time. Eventually I will have have the space and time to work on it and leave it on display.

How did I end up with such a piece of history?

When I was a teenager I was walking around and there was a guy taking a huge pile of “trash” out of a house where a “scientist” once lived. I found a lot of cool stuff in that trash pile including this kaypro and other old equipment. I made a few trips to my dads house with the stuff in hand. It was a great find! Even my dad was amazed I found all this stuff on the side of the road. He is also into electronics repair, so he understands what these things are.

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