My new 486 Computer

I just got this 486 computer today for $5.99! I do not know much about it so far.
-Video Card: Trident TGUI9400CX1 from 1993
-I can see one 72 pin simm. The motherboard also accepts 30 pin simms.
-It has a Modem, Video card, and Hard drive / Serial card.
-There is no sound card and no hard drive.

I think its a great find! I have a TON OF MEMORY and love that I can finally test all my 30 pin and 72 pin simms on this same computer.

I have a IDE to Compact Flash adapter I can use and a few memory cards.
I also have a few old IDE Hard drives but I think 20gb is the smallest and may not work on a computer this old.

The battery is just starting to corrode, Good it hasn’t made it to the motherboard yet! I have a chance to replace it!

Click on pictures to see a larger version

Update: I ordered a bunch of Mini battery holders that I can replace the CMOS Battery with! Here is a picture of it:

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