We bought a Nintendo Switch Kiosk from Toys-R-Us

We went to the final sales days at Toys-R-Us and each time we went, I would ask the manager for the kiosk and kept being told “No, Nintendo is going to come and get it”. Finally a few days before their final day, the manager said “sure thing, lets get it for you” and he found an employee to load it on a dolly. I paid (He even discounted it because the closer to closing the cheaper things are). I was amazed. It barely fit in my car, but it was a perfect fit. It will need a TV mount, TV, and a raspberry pi with the correct software and touch screen. Don’t ask how, but I have a copy of the software both from online and an official Nintendo thumb drive. I plan to restore this eventually. I did find almost the perfect TV, its the same brand and shape, but the one I got is consumer version from an estate sale for cheap.



So far we found the correct LCD TV, Touch screen Raspberry pi, and the official Nintendo software (Don’t ask). Need to fabricate a TV Mount and we can restore this.

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