Road Rash – with a blank cd!

I purcahsed this copy of Road Rash today for the PS1.

I think this may be a copy before the game was released. This may be a developer copy? This game has some of the art work that the released game has, but is missing the playstation logo and ESRB rating on the front cover, also the CD art is blank! (But there is a Hologram on the cd “Road Rash”)

I tried to research this but found nothing. Can anyone please shed some light onto what this is exactly?

Rare ps1 developer copy of Road Rash
Front cover missing Playstation


Cover looks printed on regular printer.
Blank inside cover and cd
The top of the CD with no art.
ps1 developer copy Road Rash with blank artwork
Bottom ofCD has a hologram of “Road Rash”
Compare to PS1 release cd above

I wanted to know what was on the disk, so I put both the original PS1 CD in my computer and the new CD. Both of these have the same files.

Files on PS1 release
Files on this blank CD

Why does this copy exist and who was it for?

-Is this a developer copy?
-Is this a demo for Playstation to approve use on its consoles?
-Is this a testing copy?

If anyone knows what this copy is, please let me know!


Update 8-22-2017: I found some Developer copies of games on this website, and this website, but they are mostly on burned cd’s or have the official art on the cd. My copy seems further along on the development then these.

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